How To Start A Coin Collection


Do you love history? Rare collectibles? Then maybe coin collecting might be the thing for you. This article will offer some simple advice on how to start your coin collection.

How To Start A Coin Collection?

Starting a coin collection takes time, personal interest, and research. People who get into coin collecting to make money often never do because they never learn the small intricate details of the hobby. On the other hand, too many people who are new to the hobby start by buying overpriced nonprecious metal coin sets from their country’s mint and then immediately drop the hobby once they try to sell them.

There is a better way to collect; this article will give you a good starting point for your collection. We recommend reading our blog article “Are Coins An Investment?” before continuing with this article. After that is done, we will cover how to choose the first coin for your collection.


Family History

A good first place to start is your family’s history. While this can be based on genetics and your family’s origin, it doesn’t have to be. Perhaps you had a grandfather who served in WW2, and you would like to buy a French or Italian coin where he would have served.

Genealogical is another excellent option. Collecting coins from your family’s country of origin is a fun way to start your collection.

Collecting dates is probably the most efficient way to start. Collecting a coin from each year of the country’s existence lets you own a piece of history from your family’s homeland’s complete timeline.


Being Budget Friendly

Knowing your budget and why you are buying the coin is important. While it’s essential to stick within your budget and only spend money, you can afford to park for long amounts of time. If you are looking to resell quickly for a profit, it’s often essential to spend close to the max of your budget while buying the most high-quality coin that’s available vs. a lower-quality coin of the same type.

As far as coins go, silver coins are a happy medium between rarity and value. Silver (with some exceptions) makes the coin rarer than any coin made out of copper, nickel, or bronze. While still being more affordable and less rare when compared to gold coins.


Types Of Coins

Coins come in many different metals, shapes, and designs. Some collectors like collecting larger coins because of the weight of the coin in their hands. Others like to collect coins that have holes in them (A hole that is part of the design and not done on purpose to damage the coin, for example, Chinese coins).

Some people like to collect damaged coins, while others purposely collect fake versions of coins. Whatever interests you, you can collect coins related to it. Perhaps you love classical music and collect coins from the countries and years great operas were performed for the first time.

how to start a coin collection
Old chinese coins souvenir

The Most Important feature

The most important feature when selecting a coin is eye appeal. Does the coin look beautiful to you? If so, that means other people will find it beautiful. While cleaned coins are thought to be lower in value(because of damage done to the coin that the naked eye can’t see), other collectors find cleaned coins to be beautiful while also being budget-friendly. A cleaned coin shouldn’t be seen as an issue as long as it is disclosed before the coin is purchased.

It is also essential that you genuinely enjoy the coins you collect. We do not advise collecting based on what others tell you to collect. One should do their own research to find something with meaning that has the various characteristics we have covered above.


Our Coins

Below is a link to our entire catalog of coins. We carry gold and silver coins while specializing in Middle East, Eastern European, and Ancient coins. Hopefully, we have a coin for you to start your collection.

Emanuele Vittorio king of Sardinia and Italy
Emanuele Vittorio Silver 5 Lira.

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