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  • History Of The Phoenicians

    History Of The Phoenicians

    Introduction Welcome to our course on the History of the Phoenicians! In this captivating journey, we will unravel the mysteries surrounding one of the ancient world’s greatest civilizations, the Phoenicians. From their humble beginnings along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea to their remarkable contributions in trading, navigation, and cultural exchange, the Phoenicians leftContinue…

  • History Of Ancient Rome Course

    This course is a continuation of our free blog post "Ancient Rome: The City Founded By To Brothers." We will go more in depth starting with the Roman Republic all the way until the collapse of the western Roman Empire.

  • Independent Coin Dealer Course

    This course is not meant to make you a numismatic expert. While there are many people who have truly fantastic knowledge about numismatic coins, they lack the proper economic and business knowledge to perform well within the coin market. Our “Independent Coin Dealer Course" gives you the information you need to successfully sell coins at…