About Us


Invest In History Co is a coin dealer designed for people interested in our shared history. We specialize in High-Quality, Professionally Certified Numismatic Gold and Silver coins. Some examples include Roman, Greek, Parthian, Phoenician, Celtic, Byzantine, Canadian, American, Russian, Jewish, Islamic, Italian, French, and many others.

Our business is currently considered a “small supplier” in Canada so for the time being, our coins are GST/HST free within Canada. All of our orders ship directly from Halifax, NovaScotia, Canada. We plant two trees for every Complete Order/Sale at the end of each month.

We have an Office (Open By Appointment) at 2 Bluewater Rd, Bedford, NovaScotia. We do not keep coins in our office, so if you’re a local customer, send us a message on our “Book Appointment” page, including the coins you’re interested in (Or place an order through our website and select Local Pick Up/Pay In Person during checkout), and we will bring them to the office at the time of the appointment. (Cash and E – Transfer is available as a payment option for local

Mission Statement

At the core of our website is a simple but important mission: to provide our visitors with high-quality coins along with informative and engaging information. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive community where people can come together to learn.

We believe that knowledge is power and are dedicated to empowering our clients with accurate information on a wide range of topics, including history, geography, coins, and more. By having better-informed collectors, the coin market and hobby as a whole can grow in a healthy direction.

Ultimately, our mission is to positively impact the coin market and world by helping our clients become better informed, more inspired, and more connected to our past. We hope that by sharing our passion for history, coins, and learning, we can inspire others to do the same and create a more informed world that learns from our past rather than repeats it.

If you would like to contact us, feel free to send us a message on our “Book Appointment” page, or our social media, or send us an email:


Our Point System

At Invest In History Co, we value our customers and believe in rewarding their loyalty. When you create an account on our website and place an order, you automatically start earning points that can be used to save money on future purchases. Every dollar spent equals one point in our rewards system. This means that the more you shop with us, the more points you accumulate, giving you the opportunity to enjoy discounts on your next coin order. Start collecting points and unlock exclusive savings today!

Our Blog

We operate a blog as another revenue stream to help grow our business and pay expenses. The blog covers multiple categories of gold, silver, coins, and history. Links to our various blog posts can be found in most product descriptions. We use a combination of Human and AI writing/editing to produce our blog articles.

Our Courses

Our courses at Invest In History Co are carefully crafted by drawing upon our expertise and field knowledge. Our courses are specifically designed to assist individuals in learning how to sell their own coins successfully. There are many different courses on the internet that teach people to become numismatic experts themselves.

We understand that not everyone desires to become a professional numismatist, but still wants to navigate the world of coin selling with confidence. With our courses, we aim to provide practical insights, strategies, and step-by-step guidance to empower individuals to make informed decisions and achieve success in selling their coins.

NGC Member (Numismatic Guarantee Company)

Because of the types of coins we sell, we occasionally grade coins from our store. Since NGC can meet our needs for all of our coins, including ancients, we decided to become a member of the NGC coin grading service.

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