Obol: The Ancient Funeral Coin

Introduction This article will briefly cover the ancient Greek coin we know as the Obol, including its use in funerals, Silver obols, and collecting Obols. Ancient Greek Obol The Obol is one of the oldest forms of coins minted in the ancient world. Historians seem to agree they were most likely originally made out ofContinue reading “Obol: The Ancient Funeral Coin”

What Is Silver?

Introduction What is Silver? How does natural silver occur? And why have humans been digging it out of the ground for thousands of years? This article will briefly cover natural silver in nature and silvers properties. It will also briefly cover the history of silver and the history of silver bullion. Natural Silver Silver isContinue reading “What Is Silver?”

The Piastres: Sultanate Of Egypt

Introduction This article will discuss the Egyptian silver Piastres used during the British Sultanate of Egypt. The piastres were initially based upon the Ottoman Qirsh. Coins used in Egypt at this time can be somewhat confusing since they have similar names, sizes, and metal content. The Qirsh was based on the Ottoman Kurus. In EuropeContinue reading “The Piastres: Sultanate Of Egypt”

The Ruble: Currency of Emperors and Workers

Introduction Welcome, you’ve found our article on the Russian ruble. This article will cover ruble history, collecting rubles, and more. We will be focusing more on the history related to the silver ruble minted during the reign of various Czars. The history of the silver ruble tracks some of the most turbulent times in Russia’sContinue reading “The Ruble: Currency of Emperors and Workers”