Kopek: Coinage Of The MotherLand

Introduction This article is meant to briefly introduce you to the Russian kopek. We will cover Russian gold and silver, the history of the kopek, the silver kopek, the Soviet kopek, and the modern kopek. Russian Gold and Silver Russia is a country rich in natural resources and is known to have one of theContinue reading “Kopek: Coinage Of The MotherLand”

Russia: The MotherLand

Introduction This article is meant to act as a brief introduction to the long history of Russia. We will cover Russia’s founding, landscape, monarchy, Russian culture, Soviet Russia, and modern Russia. Russia’s Founding Russia’s earliest founding can be traced back to the 9th century with the emergence of the East Slavs. The first East SlavicContinue reading “Russia: The MotherLand”

Tsar Nicholas II: The Last Russian Tsar

Introduction This article will briefly cover the life of Tsar Nicholas II, who would be known to history as the last Russian Tsar. We will cover Tsar Nicholas’s II early life, his time as Tsar, His death, and the fate of the Romanov family. Nicholas II Early life Tsar Nicholas II was born on MayContinue reading “Tsar Nicholas II: The Last Russian Tsar”