Alexandra Feodorovna: The Last Tsarina of Russia

Introduction This article will briefly cover the life of the last Tsarina of Russia, Alexandra Feodorovna. The article will cover Alexandra Feodorovna’s early life, Being Tsarina of Russia, personal life, and death. Early Life Alexandra was born into the Royalty of the German Empire on the 6th of June, 1872. Throughout her life, she wasContinue reading “Alexandra Feodorovna: The Last Tsarina of Russia”

The Ruble: Currency of Emperors and Workers

Introduction Welcome, you’ve found our article on the Russian ruble. This article will cover ruble history, collecting rubles, and more. We will be focusing more on the history related to the silver ruble minted during the reign of various Czars. The history of the silver ruble tracks some of the most turbulent times in Russia’sContinue reading “The Ruble: Currency of Emperors and Workers”