Julia Maesa: Sister of Julia Domna

Introduction This article will briefly introduce you to the life of Julia Maesa. We will cover Julia Maesa’s early life, being Julia Domna’s sister, her political career, being the grandmother to Roman Emperors, her death and finally, her deification. Julia Maesa’s Early Life Julia Maesa, born in 170 CE, was a prominent figure in RomanContinue reading “Julia Maesa: Sister of Julia Domna”

Faustina The Elder: Diva Faustina Senior

Introduction This article will cover the life of Diva Faustina Sr. We also know her by the name Faustina the Elder. We will cover Diva Faustina Sr’s early life, time as Empress, the Temple of Faustina, and her death. Diva Faustina’s Early Life Diva Faustina Sr was born on the 16th of February, 100 CE.Continue reading “Faustina The Elder: Diva Faustina Senior”