What Is Silver?

Introduction What is Silver? How does natural silver occur? And why have humans been digging it out of the ground for thousands of years? This article will briefly cover natural silver in nature and silvers properties. It will also briefly cover the history of silver and the history of silver bullion. Natural Silver Silver isContinue reading “What Is Silver?”

Austrian Philharmonic: Bullion

Introduction This article talks about the Austrian philharmonic coin, history, the design, and where is the Austrian philharmonic minted? The Austrian Philharmonic is one of the most recognizable bullion coins in the world. Austrian silver and gold bullion is collected and loved by many throughout the world. As a shorthand, the name is often shortenedContinue reading “Austrian Philharmonic: Bullion”

What is Junk Silver?

Introduction Junk silver despite the name is a great buy, Americans might know junk silver by the name “constitutional silver”. Junk silver is coins minted by a sovereign state or mint which contain a certain amount of silver per coin. The coins must also contain a purity percentage lower than the countries percent used toContinue reading “What is Junk Silver?”