Hanno: The Navigator

Introduction to Hanno the Navigator Hanno the Navigator, also known as Hanno II of Carthage, was a prominent Carthaginian explorer and navigator during the 5th century BCE. His expeditions were crucial in expanding Carthaginian influence and knowledge of the African continent. This article will briefly cover the life of Hanno, the navigator, including Hanno’s earlyContinue reading “Hanno: The Navigator”

The Keel: Ancient Sailing Technology

History of the Keel The keel, a fundamental shipbuilding component, has played a significant role in maritime history. From ancient times to modern ship design, the keel has served as the backbone of ships, providing stability, strength, and directional control. We will cover the keel’s origin, Phoenician keel, later medieval use, evolution, age of explorationContinue reading “The Keel: Ancient Sailing Technology”

Sidon: The Phoenician City State

Introduction This article will discuss how the Ancient Phoenician port city of Sidon played a significant role in creating the history and myths surrounding the ancient seafarers and traders we call the Phoenicians today. We will cover Phoenicia, Sidon’s founding, glass, coin minting, and collecting Sidon coins. Phoenicia Phoenicia was an ancient civilization in the Levant, known todayContinue reading “Sidon: The Phoenician City State”