Lucania: Land Of The Lucani

Introduction This article will introduce you to the ancient land of Lucania. We will cover Lucania’s early history, landscape, culture, Metapontum, Greek Lucania, Roman Lucania, and modern Lucania. Lucania’s Early History Lucania, located in southern Italy, has a rich and fascinating early history. Indigenous Italic tribes inhabited the region before being influenced by Greek colonization.Continue reading “Lucania: Land Of The Lucani”

Milan: Italy’s Business Center

Introduction This article will briefly introduce you to the history of Milan. We will cover Milan’s early history, Medieval Milan, landscape, the Duomo di Milano, culture, fashion, and finally, modern Milan. Milan’s Early History Milan’s founding and early history can be traced back to ancient times. The city’s origins can be attributed to the CelticContinue reading “Milan: Italy’s Business Center”

Italy: A Unified Country

Introduction This article focuses on the years before and after the founding of a unified Italy. If you would like to learn about Italy during its time as the Roman Empire, we recommend reading our blog post, “Ancient Rome: The City Founded By Two Brothers.” This article is meant to briefly introduce modern Italy’s foundingContinue reading “Italy: A Unified Country”

Venice: The Venetian Republic

Introduction Venice is one of Italy’s most famous locations for tourists to visit. While today it is only a city with around 60 000 residents, Venice was once the capital of the Republic of Venice. This article will cover Venice’s founding, the Republic, the Doge of Venice, Venetian culture, The Jewish Ghettos, and modern Venice.Continue reading “Venice: The Venetian Republic”

Emanuele Vittorio II: King Of A United Italy

Introduction This article will cover the life of Emanuelle Vittorio II. The article will cover Emanuele Vittorio II early life, being the king of Sardinia, the Unification of Italy, his personal life, and his death. Emanuele Vittorrio II Early Life Emanuelle was born on the 14th of March 1820 in Turin, Italy. He was theContinue reading “Emanuele Vittorio II: King Of A United Italy”