Cleopatra: Queen Of The Nile

Introduction This article will briefly cover the life of Cleopatra, including her early life, The Ptolemaic dynasty, being the Queen of Egypt, her personal life, and death. Cleopatra’s Early Life Cleopatra was born in Alexandria around 69-70 BCE into the Ptolemaic Dynasty. While we know who her father was, we do not know who herContinue reading “Cleopatra: Queen Of The Nile”

Egypt: Land Of The Pharaohs

Introduction This article will briefly cover the timeline of Egypt. The article will cover Ancient Egypt, the Pyramid of Giza, Roman and Islamic Egypt, Modern Egypt, and Egyptian coins. Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt started around 3100 BCE and is split up into three different periods of time, first starting with The Old Kingdom (2700 –Continue reading “Egypt: Land Of The Pharaohs”

The Piastres: Sultanate Of Egypt

Introduction This article will discuss the Egyptian silver Piastres used during the British Sultanate of Egypt. The piastres were initially based upon the Ottoman Qirsh. Coins used in Egypt at this time can be somewhat confusing since they have similar names, sizes, and metal content. The Qirsh was based on the Ottoman Kurus. In EuropeContinue reading “The Piastres: Sultanate Of Egypt”

The Qirsh: Ottoman Coinage

Introduction This article looks at the Silver Qirsh used during the Ottoman rule of Egypt, a brief history of the Ottoman Eyalet of Egypt, the British protectorate, and how the coin influenced the name of Egypt’s current currency. The qirsh was a vital coin, alongside many other Ottoman coins used in Egypt. Eyalet of Egypt Continue reading “The Qirsh: Ottoman Coinage”