Heraclius: Byzantine Reformer

Introduction This article will give you a brief introduction to the life of Byzantine Emperor Heraclius. We will cover Emperor Heraclius’s early life, his rise to the throne, his time as emperor, the conflict with Islam, Heraclius’s reforms, and death. Heraclius’s Early Life Heraclius, the renowned Byzantine emperor, led a fascinating life that was markedContinue reading “Heraclius: Byzantine Reformer”

Byzantine Empire: The Eastern Roman Empire

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Byzantine Empire. It will cover early Byzantine history, the peak of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, Emperors, Religion, and the end of the Byzantine Empire. The Early Byzantine History It is believed that Byzantium was originally founded in 667 BCE by Greeks from Megara. We get this date/account fromContinue reading “Byzantine Empire: The Eastern Roman Empire”