Hypatia: Mathematician and Astronomer

Introduction This article will introduce you to the life and accomplishments of Hypatia. We will cover Hypatia’s early life, Greek Philosophers, career, independent writings, death, and the conquences of her death. Hypatia’s Early Life Hypatia, a renowned figure in ancient history, was a Greek philosopher and mathematician who lived during the late 4th century inContinue reading “Hypatia: Mathematician and Astronomer”

Julia Maesa: Sister of Julia Domna

Introduction This article will briefly introduce you to the life of Julia Maesa. We will cover Julia Maesa’s early life, being Julia Domna’s sister, her political career, being the grandmother to Roman Emperors, her death and finally, her deification. Julia Maesa’s Early Life Julia Maesa, born in 170 CE, was a prominent figure in RomanContinue reading “Julia Maesa: Sister of Julia Domna”

Otacilia Severa: Empress of Rome

Introduction This article is meant to be a brief introduction to the life of Marcia Otacilia Severa. We will cover Octallia Severa’s Early life, The Gen Octallia, Empress Otacilia Severa, her tolerance of Christianity, and her death. Octallia Severa Early Life Marcia Otacilia Severa was a Roman Empress who lived during the 3rd century CE.Continue reading “Otacilia Severa: Empress of Rome”

Hadrian: The Builder

Introduction This article briefly introduces Roman Emperor Hadrian, including Hadrian’s early life, time as Emperor, Hadrian’s wall, personal life, and death. Hadrians Early Life Hadrian, who reigned as Roman Emperor from 117 CE to 138 CE, was born in northern Spain to a wealthy family of Roman origin. As a young man, he served inContinue reading “Hadrian: The Builder”

Ancient Rome: The City Founded By Two Brothers

Introduction This article will briefly cover the whole Roman Republic/Empire timeline. While there is way too much to cover in one article, this is meant to be a simple introduction for people new to Roman coins and history. The article will cover Romulus and Remus, Early Rome, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire. RomulusContinue reading “Ancient Rome: The City Founded By Two Brothers”

Byzantium: The Eastern Roman Empire

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Byzantine Empire. It will cover early Byzantium, the peak of the Byzantine Empire, the Capital of Constantinople, the Byzantine Religion, and the end of the Byzantine Empire. Early Byzantium It is believed that Byzantium as a city was originally founded by Greeks from Megara. This is the earliestContinue reading “Byzantium: The Eastern Roman Empire”

Gaul: Rome’s Ancient Adversary

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Roman province of Gaul. Some examples we will cover include the Celtic tribes, ancient Gaul, the Celtic religion, and coins minted by the various Celtic tribes. Ancient Gaul Gaul was a section of Western Europe that would take up modern-day France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, a small part ofContinue reading “Gaul: Rome’s Ancient Adversary”

Antoninianus: The Double Denarius

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Antoninianus. We will cover basic information about the Antoninianus, including its name, history, fun facts related to it, and collecting double denarius. Antoninianus Name And Value The antoninianus is also known as the “Double Denarius.” As its nickname states, it was worth two denarii and was based onContinue reading “Antoninianus: The Double Denarius”

Domitian: The End of The Flavian Dynasty

Introduction This article will cover the life of the Roman Emperor Domitian. We will briefly cover Domitian’s early life, character, reign as Emperor, the downfall of the Flavian dynasty, and death. Domitian’s Early Life Domitian was born on the 24th of October, 51CE. This was the same year his father, Vespasian, became Consul of Rome.Continue reading “Domitian: The End of The Flavian Dynasty”

Titus: The Second Flavian Emperor

Introduction This article will cover the life of Roman Emperor Titus. We will briefly cover Titus’s early life, military career, personal life, reign as Emperor, The Arch of Titus, and his death. Titus’s Early Life Titus was born on the 30th of December 39 CE, to Vespasian. He would eventually get a younger brother whoContinue reading “Titus: The Second Flavian Emperor”