Ancient Rome: The City Founded By Two Brothers

Introduction This article will briefly cover the whole timeline of the Roman Republic/Empire. While there is way too much to cover in one article, this is meant to be a simple introduction for people new to Roman coins and history. The article will cover Romulus and Remus, Early Rome, the Roman Republic, and the RomanContinue reading “Ancient Rome: The City Founded By Two Brothers”

Byzantium: The Eastern Roman Empire

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Byzantine Empire. It will cover early Byzantium, the peak of the Byzantine Empire, the Capital Constantinople, the Byzantine Religion, and the end of the Byzantine Empire. Early Byzantium It is believed that Byzantium as a city was originally founded by Greeks from Megara. This is the earliest recordContinue reading “Byzantium: The Eastern Roman Empire”

Gaul: Rome’s Ancient Adversary

Introduction This article will briefly cover the roman province of Gaul. Some examples we will cover include the Celtic tribes, ancient Gaul, the Celtic religion, and coins minted by the various Celtic tribes. Gaul’s Celtic Tribes There were many Celtic tribes throughout Gaul, but they had no unified leadership. This is one of the reasonsContinue reading “Gaul: Rome’s Ancient Adversary”

Antoninianus: The Double Denarius

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Antoninianus. We will cover basic information about the Antoninianus, including its name, history, fun facts related to it, and collecting double denarius. Antoninianus Name And Value The antoninianus is also known as the “Double Denarius.” As its nickname states, it was worth two denarii. This is based onContinue reading “Antoninianus: The Double Denarius”

The Flavian Dynasty: Coin Collection

Introduction This article will be about collecting Flavian Dynasty denarius. This collection can be done with any coin minted during their reigns (Gold Aureus, Silver Denarius, and various Bronze Coins). For this article, we will be using the Roman denarius. To complete this collection, you must collect a Vespasian, Titus, and a Domitian Denarius. FlavianContinue reading “The Flavian Dynasty: Coin Collection”

Domitian: The End of The Flavian Dynasty

Introduction This article will cover the life of the Roman Emperor Domitian. We will briefly cover Domitian’s early life, character, reign as Emperor, the downfall of the Flavian dynasty, and death. Domitian’s Early Life Domitian was born on the 24th of October, 51CE. This was the same year his father, Vespasian, became Consul of Rome.Continue reading “Domitian: The End of The Flavian Dynasty”

Titus: The Second Flavian Emperor

Introduction This article will cover the life of Roman Emperor Titus. We will briefly cover Titus’s early life, military career, personal life, reign as Emperor, The Arch of Titus, and his death. Titus’s Early Life Titus was born on the 30th of December 39 CE, to Vespasian. He would eventually get a younger brother whoContinue reading “Titus: The Second Flavian Emperor”

Faustina The Elder: Diva Faustina Senior

Introduction This article will cover the life of Diva Faustina Sr. We also know her by the name Faustina the Elder. We will cover Diva Faustina Sr’s early life, time as empress, the Temple of Faustina, and her death. Diva Faustina’s Early Life Diva Faustina Sr was born on the 16th of February 100 CE.Continue reading “Faustina The Elder: Diva Faustina Senior”

Geta: The Son Of Septimius

Introduction This article will focus on the Roman Emperor Geta. Including Geta’s early life, time as emperor, being the son of Septimius, his relationship with his brother Caracalla, and a bit about Geta’s denarius. Early Life Geta was born on the 7th of March, 189 CE. He was the second son of Septimius Severus andContinue reading “Geta: The Son Of Septimius”

Vespasian: The Mule Breeder

Introduction This article will focus on the Roman Emperor Vespasian. Including Vespasian’s early life, military career, reign as Emperor, personal life, and death. Vespasian’s Early Life Vespasian was born in the Roman countryside in the year 9 CE. At his birth, he was given the name Titus Flavius Vespasianus. His family’s background wasn’t overly impressiveContinue reading “Vespasian: The Mule Breeder”