Athens: Ancient Greek City State

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Ancient Athenian Greek City States timeline, culture, being the birthplace of democracy, the Parthenon, and Modern Athens. Ancient Greece Ancient Greece is many people’s favorite area of history to study. With all of the myths and stories, the locations themselves sometimes get lost. Greece was a mixture ofContinue reading “Athens: Ancient Greek City State”

Lydia: Where The First Coins Were Minted

Introduction This article will cover where some of the first coins were minted. The article will cover Lydian culture, Lydia’s capital Sardis, King Croesus, and Lydian coins. Lydia Lydia was a kingdom in the area today known as modern Turkey. It reached its peak sometime during the Iron age. Similar to other kingdoms at theContinue reading “Lydia: Where The First Coins Were Minted”

Ancient Rome: The City Founded By Two Brothers

Introduction This article will briefly cover the whole timeline of the Roman Republic/Empire. While there is way too much to cover in one article, this is meant to be a simple introduction for people new to Roman coins and history. The article will cover Romulus and Remus, Early Rome, the Roman Republic, and the RomanContinue reading “Ancient Rome: The City Founded By Two Brothers”

Magna Graecia: Greater Greece

Introduction This article will cover Magana Graecia. Also known as greater Greece, the article will cover Magna Graecia’s early Greek colonies, the Greek temples, Greater Greece’s name, and Magna Graecia’s coin minting. The Greek Colonies Starting around 800 BCE, Greek settlers began showing up on the shores of what we know today as Sicily. TheseContinue reading “Magna Graecia: Greater Greece”

Byzantium: The Eastern Roman Empire

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Byzantine Empire. It will cover early Byzantium, the peak of the Byzantine Empire, the Capital Constantinople, the Byzantine Religion, and the end of the Byzantine Empire. Early Byzantium It is believed that Byzantium as a city was originally founded by Greeks from Megara. This is the earliest recordContinue reading “Byzantium: The Eastern Roman Empire”

Herodotus: The Father Of Written History

Introduction This article will briefly cover Herodotus’s early life, career, being the father of history, personal life, and death. Known to the modern age as the Father of History, Herodotus lived an impressive life for someone from his time period. Herodotus’s Early Life Herodotus was born in 484 – 485 BCE in what was knownContinue reading “Herodotus: The Father Of Written History”

Denarius: How Rome’s Coins Kept an Empire Stable

Introduction Throughout history, there have been many different types of money. Many have had a significant impact on the economic and political concepts of finance, commerce, military, building projects, entertainment, and personal investments of many people and nations. Perhaps none remained as stable, influential, significant, or as widely used as the Roman Denarius. This articleContinue reading “Denarius: How Rome’s Coins Kept an Empire Stable”