Israel – Bahrain Peace Agreement


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Specifications –
Silver: 0.999% (Tax Free Inside Canada)
Weight: 1 Troy Ounce
Diameter: 38.77mm
Max mintage: 999

STATE MEDAL OF ISRAEL (Medal is the word used for Rounds in Israel)

With great excitement, Israel Coins and Medals Corp. is capturing the historic signing of the Peace Agreement between Israel and Bahrain on a State Medal, struck in fine gold and fine silver in tiny mintages.

Bahrain, whose name in Arabic means “the two seas”, is an island state in the Persian Gulf, located between Qatar and the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia. Its population is about one and a half million and its economy is based mainly on the oil industry. By virtue of its strategic situation, it has become an important trade center, together with the other states in the Persian Gulf.

The new Agreement will bring endless new trade opportunities for Israel, increasing its export volume, strengthening tourism and mutual economic growth, while Bahrain will benefit from many advantages through the establishment of relations with Israel. This ground-breaking Agreement will result in economic, technological and state cooperation, creating a “new Middle East”. The new peace era brings hope for Israel, the Arab world and the entire world.

Design: Ruben Nutels

Minting: The Holy Land Mint

: To the right, the buildings of Bahrain, to the left, a stylized picture of the Walls of Jerusalem and Tower of David, above, a dove of peace with olive branch in its beak, to its right, the word “peace” in English, Hebrew and Arabic, in the upper border, the inscription “Israel – Bahrain – Peace” and the same inscription in Hebrew in the upper border, between them The Holy Land Mint trademark.
Reverse: The Bahrain flag to the left and Israeli flag to the right, above them, the Israel State Emblem and beneath, “2020”.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in


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