Independent Coin Dealer – Course


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Welcome, you have found our “Independent Coin Dealer Course.”

This course is not designed to make you a numismatic expert. While many people have fantastic knowledge about numismatic coins, they lack the proper economic and business knowledge to perform well in the coin market. Our “Independent Coin Dealer Course” gives you the information you need to successfully sell coins at a profit, whether you’re a small part-time hobbyist or looking to grow your own coin empire.

 Each lesson has a quiz with three to five questions and requires a 100% to pass, and a final exam of multiple choice and true/false questions with a 90% requirement to pass the course. There is no time limit for completing the course, and you have as many attempts as needed to complete it, making it easy to fit it within your schedule.

This course acts as a prerequisite for our other courses.

The fee for the course is non-refundable.


Our “Independent Coin Dealer Course” covers the following topics:

  1. What is Coin Dealing
  2. Understanding Numismatic Coins
  3. Coin Grading and Authentication
  4. Coin Pricing and Market Trends
  5. Building Your Coin Inventory
  6. Effective Coin Selling Strategies
  7. Legal and Ethical Considerations in Coin Dealing
  8. Managing your inventory
  9. Online Coin Sales and Marketing
  10. Growing Your Coin Business

Each module is designed to provide you with valuable knowledge and skills to become a successful independent coin dealer. Good luck with your learning journey!

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