Greek: Euboea, Histiaea, c. 3rd-2nd centuries BC. AR Tetrobol NGC Choice XF, Star Designation


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Introducing the remarkable NGC Ch XF ancient silver drachma from the captivating island of Euboea! This coin showcases impeccable craftsmanship and holds the prestigious NGC star designation. The NGC star designation signifies that this drachma has been deemed exceptional even among its peers. With its well-preserved features and intricate details, this ancient coin offers a fascinating glimpse into the rich history of Euboea. Be it a seasoned numismatist or an enthusiastic collector, this NGC Ch XF silver drachma is sure to captivate and enthrall.

Greek: EUBOEA, Histiaea, c. 3rd-2nd centuries BC. AR Tetrobol (14mm, 2.43g, 11h). NGC Choice XF, Rare STAR DESIGNATION,  5/5 – 5/5. Very detailed and interesting Nymph!

Obverse: Head of nymph right, wearing vine-leaf crown, earring, and necklace.

Reverse: IΣTI-AIEΩN, Nymph Histiaea seated right on winged galley stern, stylish (mast with cross-piece) in left hand; trident left below.

HGC 4, 1525. SNG Copenhagen 517.

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