Celtic Britian, Corieltauvi: AV Stater, c 55-45 BC, (5.84g), NGC AU 3/5, 4/5


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The NGC AU gold Celtic Britain coin from the Corieltauvi tribe is an extraordinary testament to the cultural heritage of ancient Britain. Minted with meticulous attention to detail, this coin showcases the distinct symbols and emblems associated with the Corieltauvi tribe. The elegant craftsmanship and superb condition of this coin in Almost Uncirculated (AU) grade make it a highly coveted piece among collectors. Owning this coin allows you to connect with the fascinating history of the Corieltauvi people, a tribe known for their significant contributions to the region.

CELTIC BRITAIN, CORIELTAUVI: Stater, c 55-45 BC, or later

(5.84g), NGC AU 3/5, 4/5.

Obverse: Devolved Apollo head.

If you would like to learn more about the Corieltauvi Tribe, we recommend reading our blog post: Corieltauvi: Ancient Celtic Tribe Of Britain.”


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