Lydia: Where The First Coins Were Minted

Introduction This article will cover where some of the first coins were minted. The article will cover Lydian culture, Lydia’s capital Sardis, King Croesus, and Lydian coins. Lydia Lydia was a kingdom in the area today known as modern Turkey. It reached its peak sometime during the Iron age. Similar to other kingdoms at theContinue reading “Lydia: Where The First Coins Were Minted”

Gold Solidus: Byzantine Coinage

Introduction In this article, we will briefly cover the Byzantine gold Solidus. While they minted many different Byzantine gold coins but non are as recognizable as the Byzantine gold Solidus. Byzantine Coinage Byzantine Empire, also known as the western Roman Empire, was known for the purity of its coinage up to the 11th century. TheContinue reading “Gold Solidus: Byzantine Coinage”

Antoninianus: The Double Denarius

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Antoninianus. We will cover basic information about the Antoninianus, including its name, history, fun facts related to it, and collecting double denarius. Antoninianus Name And Value The antoninianus is also known as the “Double Denarius.” As its nickname states, it was worth two denarii. This is based onContinue reading “Antoninianus: The Double Denarius”

Dirhem: The Drachma Of The East

Introduction The Dirhem (also spelled Dirham) was a silver coin used throughout North Africa, The Middle East, and Persia. This article will cover the dirhem’s name, history, the ottoman dirhem, obverse and reverse, and a bit about collecting dirhems. Dirhem Name The Dirhem gets its name from the “Drachma.” The Drachma was a silver coinContinue reading “Dirhem: The Drachma Of The East”

The Piastres: Sultanate Of Egypt

Introduction This article will discuss the Egyptian silver Piastres used during the British Sultanate of Egypt. The piastres were initially based upon the Ottoman Qirsh. Coins used in Egypt at this time can be somewhat confusing since they have similar names, sizes, and metal content. The Qirsh was based on the Ottoman Kurus. In EuropeContinue reading “The Piastres: Sultanate Of Egypt”

The Qirsh: Ottoman Coinage

Introduction This article looks at the Silver Qirsh used during the Ottoman rule of Egypt. . As well as a brief history of the Ottoman Eyalet of Egypt, the British protectorate, and how the coin influenced the name of Egypt’s current currency. The qirsh was a vital coin, alongside many other Ottoman coins used inContinue reading “The Qirsh: Ottoman Coinage”

The Ruble: Currency of Emperors and Workers

Introduction Welcome, you’ve found our article on the Russian ruble. This article will cover ruble history, collecting rubles, and more. We will be focusing more on the history related to the silver ruble minted during the reign of various Czars. The history of the silver ruble tracks some of the most turbulent times in Russia’sContinue reading “The Ruble: Currency of Emperors and Workers”

Denarius: How Rome’s Coins Kept an Empire Stable

Introduction Throughout history, there have been many different types of money. Many have had a significant impact on the economic and political concepts of finance, commerce, military, building projects, entertainment, and personal investments of many people and nations. Perhaps none remained as stable, influential, significant, or as widely used as the Roman Denarius. This articleContinue reading “Denarius: How Rome’s Coins Kept an Empire Stable”