French Denier: Frances Feudal Coinage

Introduction This article will give you a brief background to the feudal French Denier. The French silver denier played an important role within the feudal French coinage system. Feudal France Feudal France was a medieval kingdom in Western Europe that existed from the 9th to the 15th century. It was characterized by a hierarchical socialContinue reading “French Denier: Frances Feudal Coinage”

German Mark: The Coin Of Deutschland

Introduction This article briefly introduces you to the German mark, including the German Empire silver mark, the fractional amounts, and modern German Coinage. Germany History Germany’s history is a captivating tapestry that stretches back centuries. Its roots can be traced to the early Germanic tribes, who laid the foundation for the nation’s cultural and linguisticContinue reading “German Mark: The Coin Of Deutschland”

Parthian Drachma: Parthian Coinage

Introduction This article is a brief introduction to the Parthian Drachma. We will cover The Parthian drachma, Parthia’s economy, and other coinage. The Parthian Drachma The Parthian Drachma was a silver coin widely used during the Parthian Empire, which spanned from the 3rd century BCE to the 3rd century CE. Parthia was a significant andContinue reading “Parthian Drachma: Parthian Coinage”

Akce: Silver Ottoman Coinage

Introduction This article briefly introduces the Ottoman silver coin known as the Acke. We will cover the history of Ottoman silver, the Akce itself, and its eventual debasement. Ottoman Silver History Ottoman silver coins, also known as akce, were essential to the Ottoman Empire’s monetary system. They were first introduced in the late 15th centuryContinue reading “Akce: Silver Ottoman Coinage”

Austrian Thaler: Silver Coins Of Europe

Introduction This article is meant to be a brief introduction to the Austrian Thaler. We will cover the Austrian Thaler name, history, day to day use, and the modern age production. Austrian Thaler Name & History The thaler, known as the dollar, was a prominent coin throughout Europe. The name “thaler” originated from the silverContinue reading “Austrian Thaler: Silver Coins Of Europe”

How Ancient Romans Minted Their Coins

Introduction This article briefly introduces how the Ancient Romans minted their coins using the denarius as an example. We will cover the Roman denarius minting process, including design and preparation, physical coin production, quality control, and symbolism. The Birth of Denarius The denarius was introduced during the late Roman Republic, revolutionizing the monetary system ofContinue reading “How Ancient Romans Minted Their Coins”

Kopek: Coinage Of The MotherLand

Introduction This article is meant to briefly introduce you to the Russian kopek. We will cover Russian gold and silver, the history of the kopek, the silver kopek, the Soviet kopek, and the modern kopek. Russian Gold and Silver Russia is a country rich in natural resources and is known to have one of theContinue reading “Kopek: Coinage Of The MotherLand”

Escudo: Spanish Gold Coin

Introduction This article is meant to act as a brief introduction to the Spanish gold coin called the Escudo. The article will cover Spanish gold, the gold Escudo, the doubloon, the silver Escudo, and collecting the Escudo. Spanish Gold Spanish gold has a rich history that dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries. TheContinue reading “Escudo: Spanish Gold Coin”

Drachma: The Coin Of Ancient Greece

Introduction This article will focus on the ancient Greek Drachma, including its place within ancient Greece, the History of the Drachma, the modern Drachma, and a bit about collecting Drachma. Ancient Greek Coinage Greek history, along with the quality of coins the ancient Greeks produced, make Greek coins among the most desired coins available forContinue reading “Drachma: The Coin Of Ancient Greece”

Obol: The Ancient Funeral Coin

Introduction This article will briefly cover the ancient Greek coin we know as the Obol, including its use in funerals, Silver obols, and collecting Obols. Ancient Greek Obol The Obol is one of the oldest forms of coins minted in the ancient world. Historians seem to agree they were most likely originally made out ofContinue reading “Obol: The Ancient Funeral Coin”