Lydia: Where The First Coins Were Minted

Introduction This article will cover where some of the first coins were minted. The article will cover Lydian culture, Lydia’s capital Sardis, King Croesus, and Lydian coins. Lydia Lydia was a kingdom in the area today known as modern Turkey. It reached its peak sometime during the Iron age. Similar to other kingdoms at theContinue reading “Lydia: Where The First Coins Were Minted”

Ancient Rome: The City Founded By Two Brothers

Introduction This article will briefly cover the whole timeline of the Roman Republic/Empire. While there is way too much to cover in one article, this is meant to be a simple introduction for people new to Roman coins and history. The article will cover Romulus and Remus, Early Rome, the Roman Republic, and the RomanContinue reading “Ancient Rome: The City Founded By Two Brothers”

Magna Graecia: Greater Greece

Introduction This article will cover Magana Graecia. Also known as greater Greece, the article will cover Magna Graecia’s early Greek colonies, the Greek temples, Greater Greece’s name, and Magna Graecia’s coin minting. The Greek Colonies Starting around 800 BCE, Greek settlers began showing up on the shores of what we know today as Sicily. TheseContinue reading “Magna Graecia: Greater Greece”

Byzantium: The Eastern Roman Empire

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Byzantine Empire. It will cover early Byzantium, the peak of the Byzantine Empire, the Capital Constantinople, the Byzantine Religion, and the end of the Byzantine Empire. Early Byzantium It is believed that Byzantium as a city was originally founded by Greeks from Megara. This is the earliest recordContinue reading “Byzantium: The Eastern Roman Empire”

Parthia: The Ancient International Trade Center

Introduction This article will briefly cover the Parthian Empire. We will cover the Parni tribe, Parthia’s location, The Parthian Capital Nisa, Zoroastrianism, and the end of the Parthian Empire. The Parni The Parni were a Scythian tribe located in the Steppes of central Asia. They conquered many of the surrounding lands by developing a uniqueContinue reading “Parthia: The Ancient International Trade Center”

Gaul: Rome’s Ancient Adversary

Introduction This article will briefly cover the roman province of Gaul. Some examples we will cover include the Celtic tribes, ancient Gaul, the Celtic religion, and coins minted by the various Celtic tribes. Gaul’s Celtic Tribes There were many Celtic tribes throughout Gaul, but they had no unified leadership. This is one of the reasonsContinue reading “Gaul: Rome’s Ancient Adversary”

The Sultanate of Rum

Introduction This article will give you a brief introduction to the Sultanate of Rum. We will cover the Sultanate of Rum’s founding, religion, culture, Rise to Power, and downfall. Founding Originally the area of Rum was Byzantine land conquered by the Seljuk Turks. Rum initially referred to the people living in the area of AnatoliaContinue reading “The Sultanate of Rum”

Byblos: The Phoenician City State

Introduction This article will discuss the Ancient Phoenician port city of Byblos(Gebal). Also known as a Phoenician city-state. Byblos played a significant role in creating the history and myths surrounding the ancient seafarers and traders we today call the Phoenicians. Phoenicia Phoenicia was an ancient civilization in the Levant, known today as Lebanon and sections of Israel. However,Continue reading “Byblos: The Phoenician City State”