Escudo: Spanish Gold Coin


This article is meant to act as a brief introduction to the Spanish gold coin called the Escudo. The article will cover Spanish gold, the gold Escudo, the doubloon, the silver Escudo, and collecting the Escudo.

Spanish Gold

Spanish gold has a rich history that dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The gold coins were minted mainly in Spanish America and served as a medium of trade during the Spanish colonial era. The intrinsic value of Spanish gold makes it a highly sought-after item amongst coin collectors.

These coins have remained popular in the numismatic world due to their historical significance, rarity, and exquisite design. The beautiful and intricate artwork on these coins and their impressive size make them a valuable addition to any collection.


The Gold Escudo

The escudo is one of the most famous Spanish gold coins. It was in circulation from the 16th century up until the 19th century and used throughout the Spanish colonies of Central and South America. The coin was made from 22-carat gold, making it highly valuable. The design featured the Spanish crown on one side and a shield with the Pillars of Hercules on the other.

Not only was the Gold Escudo a valuable coin, but it also played a significant role in the Spanish economy during its time in circulation. It was minted in a variety of fractions, such as the Half Esudo (worth half an Esudo) and the double Escudo (worth two escudos). The doubloon is probably the most well-known of the different escudo-minted coins.


The Doubloon

A doubloon is an old Spanish gold coin that has become famous in modern times due to its use in pirate tales and stories. The doubloon is the Two Escudo and was originally minted in the 16th century and was used as currency in the Spanish colonies and other parts of the world. They quickly became the target of various Pirates from their use in throughout the new world.

The doubloon was often depicted in movies and TV shows as a form of treasure, usually hidden away in pirate chests or buried in secret locations. Because of its popularity in pop culture, the doubloon is now a rare coin that collectors and history enthusiasts highly sought after.

the spanish gold escudo
A plate of Gold Doubloons.

The Silver Escudo

The Silver Spanish Escudo coin was a widely used currency during the Spanish Empire. It was introduced in the late 16th century alongside its gold counterparts and was mainly used for international trade. The coin was made of silver and was widely accepted in Europe and in other parts of the world.

The coin’s design features the Spanish coat of arms on one side and the monarch’s bust on the other. The coins were minted in different denominations and were generally regarded as a reliable and consistent currency. Today, the Silver Spanish Escudo coin is mainly viewed as a historical artifact and is collected by numismatists.


Collecting The Escudo

Today, you can find Gold Escudos in collections around the world. These coins serve as a reminder of the Spanish conquest and colonial times and a symbol of the wealth and power that the Spanish held. The infamous Spanish gold may have been tainted with violence and oppression, but its value and historical significance cannot be denied when it comes to remembering and studying this time period.

When collecting the Spanish gold escudo, it’s important to be cautious of counterfeit coins. Make sure to do thorough research on the coin and purchase from a reputable dealer to avoid costly mistakes. If possible, look for a coin that a reputable grading company like NGC or PCGS graded.


Spanish Coins

Spanish gold and silver coins have a rich history dating back to the 16th century when Spanish conquistadors began to explore the New World. Collecting Spanish coins allows one to appreciate their aesthetic value and delve into the history behind these coins. We carry both gold and silver coins but below is a link to all of the silver coins we currently have in stock.

Gold Escudos Coin of Philip II (Felipe II) of Spain Crowned Shield Obverse Cross In Quatrefoil Reverse cut out and isolated on a white background.

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