Alexandra Feodorovna: The Last Tsarina of Russia


This article will briefly cover the life of the last Tsarina of Russia, Alexandra Feodorovna. The article will cover Alexandra Feodorovna’s early life, Being Tsarina of Russia, personal life, and death.

Early Life

Alexandra was born into the Royalty of the German Empire on the 6th of June, 1872. She was also known by the name “Alix of Hesse ” throughout her life. Eventually, Alexandra was baptized in the Lutheran Church on the 1st of July of the same year. She personally described her early childhood as very positive. Unfortunately, many influential people, including her father, passed away throughout her childhood.

After her mother died, in her own words, her view on life became a bit darker compared to her childhood which was carefree and full of love.

Her family genealogy also made her a carrier for Hemophilia. This would later become a serious issue for Alexandra and her future husband, Nicholas II.


Tsarina Of Russia

Although they met at a young age, when Alexandra was 12 and Nicholas was 16, Queen Victoria liked Nicholas. She did not like Russia or Nicholas’s father and discouraged the relationship.

Eventually, Alexandra married Nicholas II. Her Coronation was on the 26th of May, 1896 CE. Their marriage was based on love and understanding rather than obligation. This was very different when compared to other marriages at the time.

This approach may or may not have affected some of the decisions that led to the end of the Russian Empire and the Royal Family.

The last tsarina of russia Alexandra Feodorovna's personal life and death
Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna, Alix of Hesse, the Empress Consort of Russia, 1908. Photograph by Frederick Boasson and Fritz Eggler.

Alexandra Feodorovna’s Personal Life

Alexandra in her personal life was a caring mother but also highly stressed due to her son having Hemophilia. She was also known to be a bit of an introvert which came across as cold to some people. Her perceived coldness and her German heritage were the two main reasons Alexandra was considered so unpopular with her Russian subjects.

And, of course, her supposed intimate relationship with the notorious Rasputin. While many people think this was a lie to make her look bad. It still remains a heavily debated topic to this day if the two slept together. We suggest that everyone needs to develop their own educated opinion based on the evidence available.


Alexandra Feodorovna’s death

While in the custody of the Bolsheviks, the Romanov family was kept in a safe house monitored by armed guards. One night when The white Army was pushing into Bolshevik territory. Instead of risking the Royal family being rescued. Drunk Bolsheviks took the family into the basement and began shooting at the family in a drunken mess. The daughters and Alexandra were wearing corsets lined with diamond jewelry. This caused them to suffer a more brutal death because they were shot many more times to kill them.

The Bolsheviks would haphazardly bury the Romnav Family, including their children, in the surrounding Russian forest, and the known location was lost shortly after.

The Soviets would re-find the location and would go on to hide the location again. This remained unknown to the public until after the collapse of the Soviet Union. All of the bodies of the Romanov family were then dug up and given a proper burial.


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